Sally Evans

“I’ve been developing my multifunctional approach with a ‘whole body’ assessment for years, and believe that anyone can benefit from treatment, whether you’re an athlete, disabled, menopausal, pregnant or walk with a stroller!”

Sally Evans - McTimoney Chiropractor

Sally is married and has balanced her role as Mum and Chiropractor for over 21 years, running her practice both from here in Oxford and her home clinic, which she now runs from the Brackley Clinic.

Before immersing herself in Chiropractic academic pursuits and practice, Sally had her own business offering independent exercise and fitness classes and remedial sport massage. Before this she had a scholarship, training in dance and musical theatre at the Arts Educational Schools at Tring and London. She went on to work professionally for 10 years including the West End, but always had a natural interest in the human condition from a young age.

Sally Currently volunteers at the Brackley Junior Triathlon Club, especially with those competing at national level, where she is helping develop their understanding of safe and effective strength training and body conditioning. She is also part way through taking a diploma in Level 3 Mat Pilates.


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Practitioner Summary

  • BSc in Chiropractic in 1997 (Oxford College of Chiropractic)
  • Postgraduate certificate in further McTimoney Chiropractic Techniques (McTimoney College of Chiropractic, Abingdon)
  • Diploma in Remedial Sport Massage and Clinical Massage (London School of Massage)
  • KMI Professional Certification in Anatomy Trains Myofascial Release (European Trainings/Kinesis UK)
  • Level 3 Certificate in Exercise and Fitness Instruction (London School of Health and Fitness, YMCA Awards)
  • Foundation Certificate in Applied Kinesiology and Muscle Energy Techniques (ICAK-UK, Simon King)
  • Foundation Certificate Activator Methods Chiropractic Technique (Activator Methods International Ltd)
  • Facet Release and Functional Muscle Testing (Neurobites/
  • Understanding Osteoporosis and Bone-Safe Programming (Mbodies Training Academy)
  • Orthopaedic Examinations of the Spine, Upper and Lower Limbs (London Sports Orthopaedics)
  • Diploma in Level 3 Matt Pilates (Harris Mind and Body) (Currently doing this!)
  • Pain, discomfort and stiffness in muscles and joints including the back, neck, coccyx, jaw, shoulders/hands/elbows, hips/knees/ankles/feet
  • Headache, cluster headache, migraine, balance issues, ear pain,
  • Pregnancy, osteoporosis, menopause, pelvic floor dysfunction (offering support, advice and treatment, complementing physiotherapy care)
  • Sciatica
  • Pre diagnosis and pre operative care for hips and knees
  • Post operative care for knees and hips (after 6 weeks to complement physiotherapist care)
  • Post acute injury care (after 6 weeks to complement physiotherapy care)


At your first appointment Sally will ask you to fill out a full medical history questionnaire, which she will then go through with you in her treatment room. She will make you feel relaxed and at ease, as she considers all life factors.

A further physical assessment will then be made to fully establish the cause of any problems also checking general musculoskeletal health. Sally will then explain to you what she’s found and use the correct treatment for you at this first session, or at your follow up.

My treatment approach can vary as your care progresses and varies between individuals.

The number of sessions needed varies depending on: your age, the nature of the problem and how long you’ve had the problem.

Most people need between 2-6 sessions with weekly intervals soon spread out as the problem resolves, others need longer.

In some cases positive management care is offered to support chronic unresponsive pain conditions alongside mainstream care.

Does Sally do X-Rays or referrals?

McTimoney Chiropractic, like Osteopathy, does not use in house X-Rays.

With experience and clinical testing, Sally will recognise when to refer you to your GP for further investigation by other specialists.

How can treating inapparent imbalances that give no pain help?

An example:
Sally treated a girl of 14yrs who had suffered for 2 years with knee pain after a football injury. She was in the youth team of a professional club and although she received in house treatment and had seen knee specialists too, she had no clear diagnosis and pain continued in her knee until she couldn’t play football. Sally found she had bones out of alignment in her neck, cranium and pelvis with chronic fascia tension and muscle compensation. The patient was not aware of any of these imbalances. Sally treated all the underlying imbalances, then focused on the knee, and her knee pain was gone within two treatments!

Which method of Chiropractic does Sally use?

Sally is a McTimoney Chiropractor using a ‘whole body’ hands on approach and assessment protocol. McTimoney Chiropractic is a primary healthcare profession. She sometimes integrates the Activator chiropractic method which uses an instrument called Activator. Both McTimoney and Activator Chiropractic are regulated professions using evidence based practice.

What made Sally choose McTimoney Chiropractic?

“Having not found solutions for dance injuries and headaches when I was a professional dancer, I became impressed by a McTimoney Chiropractor whose ‘whole body’ treatment approach really helped me. I also observed them treating and helping horses. As horses, which are non judgemental, are also highly receptive to this care, I thought this is definitely good enough for me!”

What are Sally’s treatment aims?

Sally’s aims are not only to treat pain and are not only set with sport and exercise enthusiasts to help them prevent injury and maximise performance. She aims to help anybody’s musculoskeletal system work more effectively by providing the right circumstances to improve your body’s wonderful natural self healing properties.

Why preventative care if there is no pain?

Sally recommends check ups with preventative care to keep the body functioning well, even when there is no pain (a chiropractic ideology).

Sally is realistic and knows that many people seek help in response to pain rather than preventive care. She’s non judgemental and aims to deliver a functional approach to life, health and her practice to try and help you with treatment and advice to stick to beneficial health principles, helping you kick bad habits which we all find challenging.

How is treatment achieved?

Treatment is achieved using McTimoney adjustments and Activator adjustments to improve the function of the bones of your spine, cranium, pelvis, feet and other joints of the body and your nervous system. Sally also integrates hands on care to improve the function and release of tension in the muscular and fascia systems, also using muscle energy techniques (MET) and exercises, which combined with Chiropractic has the effect of increasing efficiency of care.

Sally recognises and treats the accumulation of underlying causes of pain from inapparent imbalances in our bodies we’re not aware of and which may have been troublesome since birth or from trauma which is ignored.

Martin D. – Testimonial for Sally Evans

"Friendly, caring and professional! I have experienced eight Chiropractors over the past and Summertown Clinic has provided the best." Name: Mr....

Giles D.

"I find that regular visits to Sally helps to keep me moving freely and has considerably reduced my lower back pain. Sally is very friendly,...

Huw P.

"Plane,train,work,train,plane,taxi,run.,bike – Time to visit Sally!" Name: Mr. Huw P. Occupation: Computer Analyst Practitioner: Sally Evans

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