Most clinics concentrate on delivering just one type of therapy, but our vision is to bring all of the best therapists together under one roof – to offer you a total health concept.

Exceptional Care

We can still offer individual treatments, but we can refer easily and you can rest assured that the same quality of care will be given by all the practitioners at Summertown Clinic. 

Greater Scope of Practice

As a patient or client you then know that you’re getting the treatment you need, not because it’s all your practitioner is trained to do, but because together our scope of practice is wider.

No Gurus - A Team of Leaders

No one practitioner can master total healthcare, it’s too complex, you’re too complex. An advantage of having therapies that cover the total health model – we can tailor your treatment specifically to you 


Are you in pain? Our Osteopaths have 100s of years experience helping patients back to being painfree.

Find out more about Osteopathy, Cranial Osteopathy and other forms of osteopathic care we offer…


Our Chiropractors can help improve your health by getting you moving again, and feeling great. 

Find out more about Chiropractic, and McTimoney, what they are, how they can help you and more… 


Our professional therapists will help you ease your  stress and tension using a range of different styles of massage.

Find out more about our massage therapists and the different types of massage we offer…


Can help with specific symptoms or conditions or can be used as a preventive measure to strengthen your constitution.

You’ll be surprised how varied acupuncture is, and the bredth of what can be treated.

Podiatry and Foot Health

If you’ve got foot or lower leg problems a podiatrist can help you. From ingrowing toenails to verrucas we can help…

Find out how our podiatrists can help you, and how…

Alexander Technique

This technique is used to teach and improve posture and movement. It can help reduce problems caused by unhelpful habits…

Find out more about how Alexander Technique is taught, and why it could help you…

Child Psychology

Help and support for families and children with a range of behavioural and mental health problems…

Learn more about how we could help you and your child deal with a range of problems…

Talking Therapies

Clinical Hypnosis, CBT, and NLP are used  to help patients with anxiety, phobias & more… 

Discover how our we can help you with grief, addictions, anxieties, depression and more…

Nutritional Therapy

Are you what you eat? Get a unique plan to help you with a range of health problems using nutritional science…

Our diets influence our state of health, and we offer patient specific analysis and plans, find out more…

Other Services Offered At Summertown Clinic


Several other clinics operate from Summertown Clinic independently as we’re easily accessible for most people in and around Oxfordshire and we offer a lovely environment to be treated in.

Rosedale Clinic in Oxford

Chris Boardman, acupuncturist, and homeopath, has worked at Summertown Clinic since the early 80’s. He uses bioresonance and EIS to help analyse your state of health and direct his treatment.

NHS Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) Screening Service

The Thames Valley screening service for AAA’s operates from our clinic in Summertown too.

This is a dedicated service provided to support your NHS healthcare teams. If you’re interested in using the service please talk to your GP.

Getting a Medical

“Driver medicals at affordable prices.”
If you need a medical for your work related driving licence, a Getting a Medical doctor can see you at our clinic on Saturday mornings.