Our Professional Fees

It’s important to us that our treatments are accessible to our patients and our fees offer great value for money.

On 1st April 2023 we are increasing our professional fees as stated below. Like all other businesses, the combination of the cost of living crisis, the energy costs, and associated rises in wages have made this necessary (we do offer concessions though – see below).

Insurance Policy Payments

There are many insurance companies that cover our treatments, however it’s important to check your policy and ensure that you’re covered. You will need to bring in your authorisation code and policy number if you want us to claim on your behalf. There are often excesses to pay and where insurers decide not to pay, for whatever reason, you will be liable for the costs of your appointments. (Sorry there’s no easy way of saying that!)

Concessions and Discounts

We wish we didn’t have to charge you, but there are costs associated with running our business. Some of our practitioners do offer concessionary rates for the unemployed, for students, or for people who just can’t afford treatment – this is done on a case by case basis though, and so please ask before your appointment to see how we can help.

We do sometimes run discounts and promotions and these are generally available through our social media streams.

NHS Funded Appointments

It is our hope that there may be a time when the Oxfordshire Primary Care Trust provides funding to us to offer our community the award winning service and therapy only accessible currently to our private patients. This might be expected given the NICE guidelines concerning conditions such as non-specific low back pain, the increasing research supporting our work, and the fact that other regions already have similar services available through the NHS. Please talk to your GP’s and MP’s about this.

** Mobile Users **
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Audiology Fees

Summertown Audiology – Sam Godkin – Prices are available on Sam’s website: https://www.summertownaudiology.co.uk/our-pricing/

Rosedale Clinic Fees

Chris Boardman – Acupuncturist and Homeopath – Prices are available on the Rosedale Clinic Website: https://www.rosedaleclinic.co.uk/faqs#cost