Ruth Spencer

“I am passionate about family health as well as providing nurturing care and support to all women embarking on the journey to motherhood, from planning a pregnancy to the postnatal period. I aim to facilitate a positive transition to parenthood and to enhance the overall health and wellbeing of the new mother and her family.”

Ruth Spencer - Perinatal Practitioner

Hi, I’m Ruth, I’m a Health Visitor and a Complementary Therapist. I specialise in Perinatal Therapies. I’m also a mother of three and my hobbies include yoga, swimming, facilitating women’s circles, making aromatherapy balms and walking my dog.

I trained in Dublin and qualified as a Children’s Nurse at the Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street in 1995 before moving to the UK in 1996. I also have a BA(Hons) degree in Complementary Therapies (Clinical Aromatherapy) in Nursing, Midwifery & Health Visiting and a Post Graduate Diploma in Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visitor) from Oxford Brookes University. I have worked both in Ireland and in the NHS as a Registered Nurse for over 28 years and incorporated Complementary Therapies during that time to work holistically with patients and clients.

I have worked in the hospital and hospice setting as a Children’s Nurse and in the community as a Health Visitor and a School Health Nurse during my career. Over that time, I established a Complementary Therapies Service for Children and families in a Children’s Hospice and managed a Children’s Community Service locally. I have worked with newborns, children, adolescents and their families my entire career. I am an experienced practitioner and enjoy working with families and in particular supporting women’s health during the child-bearing years.

I treat women in pregnancy and postnatally with mild-moderate anxiety, depression and difficult birth and post birth experiences as well as the common physical aches and pains encountered during this phase of life.

I use a variety of techniques and therapies to support my clients including actively listening to them, motivational interviewing technique, CBT-based approach, solution-focused brief therapy, mindful self-compassion and guided imagery visualisation all to support relaxation and promote balance and wellbeing. I also use bodywork including Pregnancy and Postnatal massage, Abdominal Therapy and Baby Massage Instruction. All these therapies promote a sense of wellbeing, healing and recovery during the transition to parenthood.

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Practitioner Summary

  • RSCN Registered Sick Children’s Nursing Certificate. The Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, Dublin 1995
  • BA(Hons) Complementary Therapies (Clinical Aromatherapy) in Nursing, Midwifery & Health Visiting. Oxford Brookes University 2003
  • PG(Dip.) Specialist Community Public Health Nursing (Health Visitor). Oxford Brookes University, 2014
  • Aromatherapy Massage in Pregnancy Certificate. Institute of Traditional Herbalism and Aromatherapy, London 2006.
  • Infant Massage Instructor Certificate. Institute of Traditional Herbalism and Aromatherapy, London 2007.
  • Sivananda Hatha Yoga Teacher 200hrs, Universal Yoga, Bath 2019
  • Teen Yoga Teacher, TeenYoga 2017
  • Children’s Yoga Teacher, YogaBeez, London 2019
  • Postnatal Yoga Teacher, Yoga Mama, London 2020
  • Yin Yoga Teacher, Spiralling Crow, Oxford 2021
  • Abdominal Therapy. Abdominal Therapy Collective, London 2024.
  • Pregnancy
  • Postnatal Mothers & Babies
  • Anyone with the following
  • Tension in the abdomen,  pelvis, back, neck and shoulders
  • Lower back pain
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Hip pain
  • Leg cramps
  • Menstruality & Fertility Awareness
  • Heartburn
  • Constipation and Haemorrhoids
  • Stress-related symptoms including Insomnia, mild-moderate Anxiety & Depression
  • Grief & Loss
  • Client Consultation & Case History is taken
  • Treatment involving perinatal talking therapy or massage or both
  • Perinatal Talking Therapy
    • Empathic Active Listening
    • CBT-based approach
    • Solution-Focused-Brief Therapy
    • Motivational Interviewing Technique
    • Mindful Self-Compassion
    • Guided Imagery Visualisation
    • Breathwork
  • Pregnancy Massage – Full Body massage using traditional strokes adapted for pregnancy using oil.
  • Postnatal Abdominal Massage – Therapeutic Massage of the upper and lower abdominal, pelvic area, back, hips, sacral and coccygeal areas using oil.
  • Infant Massage from 6 weeks to crawling.
  1. How soon can I have a pregnancy massage? Pregnancy Massage can be given from 13 weeks pregnancy. Pregnancy is the perfect time to receive massage as it is so helpful with all the bodily and emotional changes and helping the client to adjust to the growing life inside her. It is most beneficial in the 2nd and 3rd trimester in preparing the client for the birth of her baby. If a client is under consultant care, it is important to seek consent from a doctor or midwife prior to receiving a massage treatment.
  2. What is a Postnatal Abdominal Therapy? Abdominal Therapy includes a therapeutic massage treatment of the upper and lower abdominal area, back, hips, sacrum and coccygeal areas using a suitable organic herbal-infused/essential oil. It can be given from 6 weeks following a normal delivery and 8 weeks following a c-section. Abdominal Therapy is a gentle manipulation of the muscles, ligaments and fascia in the abdomen, pelvis and lower back. The therapy can be beneficial for problems with the menstrual cycle, constipation, stress, anxiety, depression, postnatal recovery, menopausal symptoms and tension in the pelvic area. It helps increase circulation and blood flow to these areas. The therapy is especially beneficial in the 3-6 months post-delivery and can go a long way to ensuring the health of the mother more longer-term preventing pelvic problems developing in the future.
  3. I am struggling with anxiety since having my baby, can talking therapy help? Adjusting to a new baby while recovering from the birth can be exhausting and overwhelming for new parents. It often takes some time before new parents begin to experience joyful feelings as they navigate a range of emotions following the birth of their baby. This normally settles down after a few days, however, if feelings of overwhelm and tearfulness persist after the first week postnatally, it is important that appropriate support is offered early so that postnatal anxiety, depression or birth trauma is identified and treated to ensure optimum health for the mother, baby and family. Talking Therapy can be particularly helpful for women with mild to moderate anxiety, antenatal and postnatal depression and for women who have experienced difficult labour, birth and postnatal experiences. The sessions are trauma focused and provide a safe space and time to talk with a qualified professional who is supportive, respectful and non-judgemental and who will help the client to make sense of things, help resolve complicated feelings and understand themselves better.
  4. How often should I receive a pregnancy massage? This depends on what feels right for you and what issues you present for treatment with. I will recommend a treatment programme that works for you if I am treating a specific health concern.
  5. How often should I receive a postnatal massage? This depends on what feels right for you and what issues you present for treatment with. You may wish to receive a massage on a weekly basis while pregnant and whilst preparing for labour and birth or I will suggest a treatment programme that works for you.
  6. How is Baby Massage helpful for my baby and how old does my baby need to be? Baby Massage is recommended from 6 weeks to crawling. Parents or primary caregivers are taught to massage their baby lovingly using high quality non-fragranced vegetable oil, soothing hands and rhythmical strokes in a flowing sequence. The massage offers a wonderful experience for both parents and their baby and provides many benefits for baby and parents as well as a special time to communicate both verbally and non-verbally with baby, so they feel loved, valued and respected.

    Josie T. – Testimonial for Ruth Spencer

    “Thank you for all the support in the early weeks of motherhood. I felt completely overwhelmed as a new mum and anxious after the birth trying to...

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