Classes – Pilates & Iyengar Yoga

Practitioner-Led Small Group Classes

Classes are now being run in person, and online. Mondays and Fridays we have our Pilates Classes (both in person at Stratfield Brake, and on Zoom). On Wednesdays we have online only Pilates Class run from our Zoom Pilates studio.

Yoga – we are running in person only:
Monday 5.30pm-7pm @The Pavilion in Cutteslowe Park
Wednesdays 7.30pm – 9pm @The Pavilion
Saturdays 10-11.30am – Stratfield Brake


All our classes are led by practitioners of relevant therapies at Summertown Clinic. Our Pilates classes with Claire Cullen, osteopath and Pilates teacher, and our yoga classes with Sophia Argyris our thai yoga massage therapist.

Because we have small class sizes they are appropriate to all levels as progressions are moved through within the lesson for each level of challenge.

How to book

We’ve just updated our booking system! You can now book through our online booking portal either by clicking the book now button, or selecting the class you’d like to book here, or clicking here.

Alternatively give us a ring on 01865 558561 and our receptionists can help you (Mon-Fri – 8-7pm and Sat 9-1).

If you need help either click on the messenger tab in the corner of the screen, or email us (


Pilates - Mat Work

Pilates is a form of movement developed by Joseph H. Pilates who developed a method called ‘Contrology’ during the 1900s which focuses on flexibility through strengthening the body from the inside out. 

Pilates helps improve posture, balance & co-ordination. Claire teaches Pilates mat work from an osteopathic clinical perspective with the view to addressing weaknesses and individual rehabilitative issues

Class Pass – Prices

We use a class pass system so you can pay per class, per 5 classes, or per 10 classes, and use them as you please on any of our classes.

All the passes are available online here through our booking system, or by phoning (01865 558561) or you can drop in at our reception.

Single Class Pass


5 Class Pass


(£16 a class with this pass)

10 Class Pass


(£15 a class with this pass)

Stratfield Brake - Home to Summertown Clinic Pilates - Map

How to find our Pilates Studio

Classes are run from our studio at Stratfield Brake – Kidlington

All our classes are run from the Studio we use at Stratfield Brake off Frieze Way (OX5 1UP). It’s in south Kidlington close to the Sainsbury’s supermarket just a few minutes by bus from our clinic down the Banbury Road. There’s extensive parking at the sports pavillion, and it’s a large well ventilated space, perfect for Pilates with less risk.

To get to the studio head into the pavillion and go up the stairs on your left. As you get to the top of the stairs Claire runs her classes in the large room on the left as you’re looking at the bar. The door is left open during class times and there are some signs too.

Click here for a Google Maps Link…


Free easy parking

Changing rooms

Clubhouse facilities

Equipment provided

Quiet venue

Green surroundings

Directions to Cutteslowe Park Pavilion, home to Summertown Clinic's Yoga Classes

How to find our Yoga Studio

Classes are run from our studio at the Pavilion in Cutteslowe Park

The Pavilion is situated within Cutteslowe Park next to the children’s play area (approximately 1 mile North of the NOA Community Centre.  Turn right at the Cutteslowe roundabout (A40 towards London) and the entrance to the Pavilion is approximately 500 yards on the left – just before the bridge over the dual carriageway.

Cutteslowe Park, OX2 8NP (Northern end) and OX2 7XD in the South

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Clubhouse facilities

Quiet venue

Green surroundings

Online Classes

We’re Online – Zoom Classes Available

All our classes are also still available through Zoom…

You can still practice your Pilates with Claire from anywhere you like, as we’re still running the classes online (Monday and Friday as a hybrid class (also face to face at Stratfield Brake above). 

Once you’ve bought your class passes, book into the class you want to attend, then several hours before the class your teacher will send you a link to the Online Zoom Meeting. This is a simple link that you can click on and you’ll be taken to the class.

Any problems please contact the clinic on 01865 558561 and we’ll be able to help talk you through how to connect.

Clear HD Video Classes

Same Group Feeling

Clear Instructions 

Direct to you

Our Class Teachers

We have Oxford’s best teachers and we’re proud of them! Each one also works at the clinic as a practitioner of a relevant therapy, which ensures they give you the benefit of their professional knowledge beyond their teaching training.

Claire Cullen

Pilates Teacher, and Osteopath

Sophia Argyris

Yoga Instructor, and Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the more frequent things we get asked about:

What kit do I need to attend?

We’ve got you covered, we’ll supply blocks, bricks, mats, balls, blankets and even straps to help make sure you’ve got everything you need. 

If you have your own stuff please do bring it along, it’s good practice to get familiar with your own equipment. 

What should I wear?

It’s a good idea to wear loose fitting clothing that you can move freely in. Most class goers wear a tshirt and track suit bottoms, or a active clothing.

Bare feet are perfect for both Pilates, and yoga.


What should I do if I need to cancel?

Get in touch! As soon as you know, let us know. You can do this by phone 01865 558561, or by email: There is also a cancellation option in the Mindbody app/software we use.

LATE CANCELLATIONS: unfortunately if you cancel within 24 hours of the class starting you will be charged for that class.

How do I book in?

We use Mindbody to run our class timetable, and you’ll need to set up a profile, buy credits and then book into the classes you want to book into.

I haven't done this class before will that be a problem?

No, with smaller classes we can focus on individuals much more closely. We do offer some improvers classes, and these are designed to be a step up. If you’re not sure please just contact us and we’ll suggest the most appropriate class for you.

Do you have a refund policy?

Sure, as we everything we do, it’s all about meeting your expectations. Let us know if you need/want a refund and we will organise it for you.

Can I try the class out, then pay if I enjoy it?

Sorry no. You can come along by booking in for a single class, but we’d recommend taking the plunge, in fact we’re so sure you’ll enjoy it if you don’t think it’s right for you after the first class we’ll refund your money.

Are there any online classes at the moment?

Yes, both our Pilates classes (Claire Cullen) and our Yoga sessions are online, and have proved really popular. It’s very liberating working out in the comfort of your own home! Click here for more information.