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Back pain prevention talk with Nadine at Finders Keepers - Summertown Clinic

Summertown Clinic Chiropractor Nadine Harrison visited Finders Keepers estate agents on Banbury Road last week to shed some light on why back pain is so prevalent amongst people who sit a lot. This is a particular problem for desk-based workers, who have to sit to work! A survey done by the British Chiropractic Association found that prolonged sitting, and poor posture, have been reported as factors contributing to back pain. Nadine found that everyone who came to the presentation had experienced either back or neck pain, and many people had both.

Finders Keeper's staff following Nadine's exercises.
Staff at Finders Keepers doing some stretching

In her talk, Nadine explained what back pain is, why we get it, and most importantly how to prevent it from happening. Nadine explains “The crux of the matter appears to be a lack of movement; our bodies love to move. When we sit for long periods, people find they become stiff and sore. Moving more regularly really helps reduce back pain”

By making some simple changes to how you work, and by instilling a better understanding of why regular movement is so important, across your work environment, you can notice big difference in how you feel.

Nadine has many tips to help desk-based workers.

“You could try setting a timer, to make sure you break up long meetings with short stretch breaks; even two minutes will help. Team up with a work colleague and agree to take a walk each lunch time; you will feel more motivated if you go with someone, and it is more enjoyable too.”

As well as providing information about avoiding back pain, Nadine also went through a series of exercises and stretches, that can all be performed from a chair. They can be done intermittently throughout the day to provide some relief and stop muscles and joints from stiffening up.

If you’d like to see Nadine Harrison, please book through reception by phoning us on 01865 558561 or online. Also if you’d like one of the team to come and talk to your staff or group, please get in touch!

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