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What’s stopping you recover from your pain?

I’m writing this blog whilst we are in lockdown, having started a new Pain Management Diploma. This blog is about pain, and the fact that there is more to it than just a physical injury.

Pain is more complicated than we tend to first think. 50 years ago we thought that the amount of pain we felt was equal to the amount of injury sustained. So, if we had a very strong, intense back pain for example, we thought there must have been a significant injury occurring to make this happen. We now know that this is NOT true.

Pain is more complex than this. Whilst the onset of pain may start with joints, muscles or nerves becoming physically injured or irritated, pain is also influenced by non-physical factors. Emotional distress, feeling helpless, a lack of support and understanding from a spouse or work colleagues, a legal claim and financial difficulties are all examples of these non-physical factors. The influence of these non-physical factors is particularly important in pain that has been persistent for more than 3 months after the initial injury. These non-physical factors can keep pain signals firing and stall our recovery.

Nadine Harrison - Chiropractor talking to a patientHelping people recover from persistent pain is more than just try to physically “fix” an old injury. It is about looking at individuals as a whole person; physically, emotionally, socially … and working on all these areas to implement helpful change, and get you back to living well.

I am working through my first module of a Diploma in Pain Management. This course is delivered and assessed by chiropractors and psychologists who are experts in the field of pain management. I am learning more on how psychological and social factors (essentially our emotional state and the relationships we are involved in) can affect our pain levels and our ability to recover, and how we go about effectively changing this. I have long since had an interest in persistent pain, and my aim in completing this course is that I will be even better placed to help those of you who are putting up with long standing pain.

If you have a question I’d love to hear from you!

Stay safe, Nadine

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Nadine Harrison


Nadine offers you an honest and supportive approach to recovering from your muscle, joint and nerve pains, and taking back control! She has vast clinical experience including further training in helping people with persistent pain and in caring for pregnant women. Nadine was honoured to receive the “Chiropractor of the Year” award in 2017.

If you'd like an appointment with Nadine please ring us on 01865 558561

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