Neurocranium and Sacrum: Living Bone  – A Course Review

1st-3rd November 2013, Hawkwood, Stroud
by Joanna Ruddick

The course started with an insightful lecture on the physiology of bone and its fluidity – its juicy, gloopy proteoglycans that are constantly remodelling, but become more rigid in trauma. Our first practical was an amazing sense that bone is part of the continuity of the whole connective tissue system – visualizing and palpating the periosteum (fibrous), cortical bone (dense), cancellous bone (spacious) and the marrow.…!

Bones are tensegrity structures – tension gives stability which upon impact is dissipated through the whole system.  Every bone is uniquely designed to dissipate forces. Bone inherently has piezoelectric charge which increases in trauma, in time this stimulates extra bone growth to be laid down (the beginnings of osteoarthritis). Recent research has shown that cranial treatment affects the piezoelectric charge and so can halt this process and restore the integrity of the bone.

The ‘wow factor continued throughout the 3 day course. The health of the whole body depends upon free motion of the sphenoid (a bone in the cranial base).  It is the co-ordinator of the whole body function, and it is in suspension from the whole dural globe and 5 pointed star. We considered in depth the anatomy and the relations of the sphenoid and occiput, with the help of disarticulated skulls. We learnt about the embryology of the cranial base and cranial base patterns.

This was my last course on the SCCO (Sutherland College of Cranial Osteopathy) pathway and everything seemed to come together, with so many new concepts to use in practice, it was highly motivating and inspirational. I am very proud to now be a Fellow of the SCCO.

by Joanna Ruddick

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