Patient Focus Group – We Need You!

At Summertown Clinic we are always looking to improve and continue to aspire to the highest standards of patient care. One initiative we are developing is to set up a small focus group hopefully containing up to 8 patients. The role of the volunteers would be to meet up and give us their opinions (in exchange for tea and cake!). We anticipate this might take approximately 30 minutes (and no more than an hour) and would involve discussing key areas of your patient experience.

Can you help us?

The first stage of this process is to see who might be interested in giving us their time. Once we have a small group we would arrange a time that was convenient for everyone. The meeting would be in a local coffee shop where we hope everyone would feel free to offer us their honest and open opinion. From these groups we hope to be able to identify areas we can improve your experience and help realise our goal of offering the best possible care to all our patients.

Topics that we would love to talk to you about are things like; how you found getting in contact with us? How easy was it for you to make an appointment? What was your experience of your therapist like? How could we do better? Is there anything you think we could improve on, or maybe didn’t meet your expectations?

We would keep all your feedback anonymous unless you felt you would like us to identify you to appropriate personnel but we feel that this information would be really helpful in the clinic’s development and future.

If you would be interested putting your point of view forward, we would love to hear from you.

If you feel you could help us, please email or leave your name and contact details with our receptionists (01865) 558561.

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