Verrucas – to treat or not to treat?

You’ll find that some Foot Health Practitioners will treat verrucas while others will steer well clear. Why is this you ask?  A verruca is a wart on the foot that is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV).   As verrucas are a virus, no one single treatment...

Migraines; more than “just a headache”

Group of stressed people having headache It’s 2pm, you’ve had a stressful morning at work, only made worse by not sleeping well last night looking after your toddler who was unsettled. You haven’t really stopped for lunch today and have been staring at the brightness...

Clinic Newsletter – December 2013

Summertown Clinic News, the best advice for all your health problems Here it is, the much anticipated Summertown Clinic newsletter edited by James Ruddick ( In it you’ll find some great articles, including Jenny’s top...
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