Qi Gong Classes – at North Oxford Golf Club

Qi Gong is one of the cornerstones of Chinese Medicine, alongside acupuncture and Tui Na (Chinese medical massage). It is a series of exercises or practices using posture and movement sequences, breathing patterns and meditation. The classes are suitable for beginners and all abilities, as it can be done in standing or sitting, even lying down. The essence of the class is to share this wonderful art with you which you can take away to practice at home.

There are many forms of Qi Gong and we cover practices which support health and well-being, address specific physical, mental and emotional concerns, as well as acclimating the body through lifetime changes and through the different seasons, an important factor in maintaining wellness as the weather changes!

Class will be on Thursdays, at the North Oxford Golf Club (starting 13th September, have listed dates below)
Time – 11.30am and 6.00pm Each class lasts 1 hour and runs for a five week block, after class Michelle will be available to ask questions after each class.
Capacity – 9 participants maximum in a class
What to wear – We would recommend wearing loose fitting clothes and soft shoes.
Cost/Payment – Online booking is available through Mindbody – click here

Those who are not confident with online booking can book and pay through the Summertown Clinic reception on 01865 558561.
Classes must be booked and paid for in advance of the class as we are unable to take payment in the class.

Dates (class block in brackets /5)

  • Sept 13th 11.30am (1) 6.00pm (1)
  • Sept 20th 11.30am (2) 5.30pm (2)
  • Sept 27th 11.30am (3) 6.00pm (3)
  • Oct 4th 11.30am (4) no class
  • Oct 11th 11.30am (5) 6.00pm (4)
  • Oct 18th 11.30am (1) 6.00pm (5)
  • Oct 25th 11.30am (2) 6.00pm (1)
  • Nov 1st 11.30am (3) no class
  • Nov 8th no class no class
  • Nov 15th 11.30am (4) 6.00pm (2)
  • Nov 22nd 11.30am (5) 6.00pm (3)
  • Nov 29th 11.30am (1) 6.00pm (4)
  • Dec 6th 11.30am (2) no class
  • Dec 13th 11.30am (3) 6.00pm (5)
  • Dec 20th 11.30am (4) 6.00pm (one off workshop)

If you’re interested in joining the class you can book online here, or send us an email or give our friendly receptionists a ring (01865) 558561 for more information.

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