Linda Flanigan

“My job is to help clients be the best they can be.

Linda is a Clinical Hypnotherapist who specialises in anxiety, including fears/phobias and confidence issues.  She qualified in 2006 and loves helping her clients to improve their lives by dealing with whatever is troubling them.   Linda adds to her expertise regularly with further qualifications in issues ranging from depression to weight control.

Linda Flanigan - HPD, D.Hyp,Dip.NLP, MNCH

My job is to help clients be the best they can be. That can mean helping people who have unwanted habits or fears which are holding them back from achieving something.

It can be helping teenagers struggling with study or exams or believing that they can do something or working with younger children and their worries.

It can be helping you deal with some of life’s challenges, whether personal or work related: perhaps you would like to feel more confident in certain situations; perhaps you feel intimidated or that you are not as good as others; maybe you would like to achieve something but are hampered by doubt; maybe you have gone through some kind of trauma that is still affecting your life in some way; maybe you are worrying continually and it’s affecting your sleep or your relationships with friends or family; perhaps you are procrastinating with something or can’t focus; maybe things seem a bit out of control; perhaps you’d like to give up a habit or behaviour that you can’t seem to deal with by yourself; maybe you’ve been told or know that you need to do something but no matter what you do you return to your default behaviour; maybe you would like to have your mindset in a better place or perhaps you just want to improve on something you are already doing but would like to do better?

It doesn’t matter how big or small your challenge is or how long you’ve had it, I am here to listen to you, to understand what you want and to help you resolve that challenge. I tailor my expertise to you individually as no two people with the same kind of issue are the same. I want you to get the right result for you!

Practitioner Summary

  • Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma – externally validated by the National Council for Hypnotherapy and the NCFE). 2006.
    The qualification is accredited by the General Hypnotherapy Register, the NCH and the National Council of Psychotherapists (NCP).
  • Neurolinguistic Programming Diploma (DipNLP)
  • General Clinical Hypnotherapy Practice Qualification – (DHyp) validated by the Hypnotherapy Standards Council.

Continued Professional Development:

  • Hypno Anti-Depressant with Steve Miller (current 2020)
  • Hypnosis Meets Stress Training with Sheila Granger (Dec 19)
  • Weight Loss Masterclasses with Steve Miller (Mar 18)
  • Integrated Parts Therapy with Dr Brian Roet (Sep 17)
  • Menopause workshop (May 2017)
  • Educational Performance Certified Practitioner with Sheila Granger (Nov 15)
  • Hypnotherapy Extravaganza CPD training at Royal Society of Medicine (Jun 09, Mar 15, Feb 16 & Jun 17)
  • The Rewind Technique with Uncommon Knowledge (Nov 14)
  • Mindfulness CPD with the London College of Clinical Hypnosis (Apr 14)
  • Pain Management CPD master class with Paul Byrne (Mar 13)
  • Insomnia CPD master class with Paul Byrne (March 13)
  • Virtual Gastric Band training with Sheila Granger (Sep 11)
  • Certificate in Hypnotic Coaching with Academy of Advanced Changework (Sep 11)
  • Certificate in Discursive Empowerment with Academy of Advanced Changework (Mar 11)
  • Master Class in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Gil Boyne (May 10)



  • Post-grad diploma in business studies with languages (Strathclyde University, Glasgow)
  • M.A. University of Glasgow (French & Russian)

I particularly enjoy working with anxiety and stress which can manifest themselves in different ways, with different symptoms or associated issues such as weight gain, IBS, low self-esteem or confidence, limiting beliefs, grief or even pain.

I also enjoy working with weight loss to help you become healthier, take back control, stop comfort eating, form a new relationship with food and wear those clothes you want to wear!

I use a variety of different methods and techniques as well as hypnosis including amongst others:

  • NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)
  • EFT (emotional freedom techniques)
  • Solution-focused techniques
  • Virtual gastric banding for weight loss

So, I can give you a host of tools and techniques that you can use yourself in between sessions so that you have got the best chance of releasing and continuing the good work that we do in the sessions and going forwards in the future.

I regularly update my training by doing CPDs and courses to keep up with latest practices (see Professional Experience tab for information)

It depends on the issue/treatment involved – each session is client-specific.

The first session is a generally a fact-finding one to get to know you and come up with a treatment plan. It will involve taking your case history and getting to know your desired outcomes. In this session we are looking for solutions to the things you want to change, we’re looking to what you want in the future rather than being stuck in the past.

The session lasts 1½ hours and doesn’t always involve hypnosis.

Each subsequent session (lasting up to an hour) might typically consist of:

  • Guiding you into a deeply focused state
  •  The ‘therapy part’ of the session: using methods or suggestions discussed to manage or eliminate the issues in line with what you would like to achieve (such as getting a great night’s sleep).
  • Teaching you coping mechanisms or self-hypnosis or self-help tools
  • Gradually bringing you back out of the trance state
  • Asking you to carry out work in between sessions to keep you on track to change (might be listening to a recording or practising some techniques you’ve learned or keeping a diary).

i. What is hypnosis and how does it work?

Hypnosis is the process of inducing a natural, effective, safe, trance-like state of focused attention and physical relaxation; a state in which your unconscious mind becomes more open to positive ideas for change.

Hypnotherapy is the use, by qualified practitioners, of hypnosis combined with various therapeutic methods to allow you to let go of and resolve your emotions and psychological issues or challenges.

It works by changing unconscious learnings and beliefs, thoughts, emotions and fears. It does this by allowing the conscious mind to relax and addressing the unconscious mind to bring about your desired change. It is guiding your imagination and activating your inner resources and potential so that you can achieve realistic goals.

ii. Will I lose control?

Hypnosis is not a state of mind control. You are in control at all times and cannot be made to do anything against your will. Clinical hypnosis is nothing like stage hypnosis. It is a relaxed state that you can come out of naturally any time you wish. It is a state of absolute focus just like when you are completely engrossed in your favourite pastime and can ignore all outside distractions. It is a gentle, caring, respectful process.

iii. Are there any side effects?

Sometimes hypnotherapy can be emotional at some stages of the therapy but the only side effects are likely to be positive ones. For example, feeling more confident or relaxed or more in control, less stressed, less afraid or more motivated. You should come away from the appointments feeling very relaxed and perhaps sometimes tired if you have been dealing with something challenging.

iv. Will it work?

Almost any issue with a psychological element can be helped using hypnotherapy. Most people are suitable for hypnotherapy provided they have a reasonable ability to communicate and a genuine commitment to change. It is not, however, a ‘miracle cure’ and all therapy (and even medicine) does not work for all people in all cases. Hypnotherapy is a collaboration been you and I which, with my help, empowers you to make change.

What I can guarantee is that I will bring all of my expertise, skills and care and, provided you come with an open mind and commit to the treatments given, there is no reason why we will not be successful!

v. How many sessions will I need?

In comparison with other therapies, hypnotherapy tends to be a much faster approach. The number of sessions depends on the person and the complexity of the issue. It’s important to me that you get the result that you want and that we have the option to change things as we work together. The average number of sessions is between 4 and 6, with some issues (perhaps stopping smoking or phobias) taking less and others taking more (such as mild to moderate depression). I can, however, reassure you that I will not continue therapy unnecessarily and that we will work together closely and finish therapy when we both agree that you’ve reached your goal.

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Testimonial for Linda Flanigan

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