Osteopathy and the NHS: Reaching Out

by Joel Redman

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The Institute of Osteopathy (iO) is the UK’s professional membership organisation for registered Osteopaths. If medical practitioners have the General Medical Council, we as Osteopaths have the General Osteopathic Council  (GoSC) and the Institute of Osteopathy (iO).

In the UK alone over 30,000 patients visit an osteopath everyday[1] with the GoSC holding over 5000 members on its register[2]. A public opinion survey in 2006 showed that 88% of the public felt the NHS should provide osteopathic treatment, or believe that it is already doing so[3]. Despite this in 2014 only 7% of osteopaths reported having a working relationship with NHS sources[4].

In an effort to promote the profession and integrate osteopathy into the wider healthcare community, the iO has established the iO Integrated Medicine Internship Program. This 6 month program sees one successful candidate join a large multidisciplinary team of orthopedic and rheumatology specialists, physiotherapists, acupuncturists, CBT and hypnotherapists based at the Royal London Hospital for Integrated Medicine on Great Ormond Street. This collaborative approach seeks to manage chronic and complex conditions including lower back pain, headache, IBS, fibromyalgia to name just a few.

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After a rigorous selection process and sufficient grilling during the interview, I am delighted to announce that I have recently been selected to join the team and be part of this fantastic opportunity. After winning the Associate of the Year Award in 2015 I feel this will be an incredibly challenging and rewarding experience, and feel very privileged to be representing the profession in this setting.

Since winning the award in 2015 I’ve become a member of the Academy of Physical Medicine, Osteopaths for Progress in Migraine and Headache and recently been appointed committee member of the Oxford Osteopathic Network. In preparation for the internship I have additional courses in medical acupuncture, chronic fatigue and ME to follow and already completed training in the most recent and up to date evidence on treating the neck and haemodynamics. Generally, I’ve kept pretty busy and at some point before starting the internship may have some time off. My girlfriend is rather sensibly insisting!


The program will work around my current working week, so clinic will operate as usual and I will look to run regular blog, social media or video updates for anyone that may be interested.

[1] http://www.osteopathy.org

[2] Statutory Register of Osteopaths 2017:

[3] The GoSC Public Awareness Survey (2006)

[4] iO Census 2014

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