I wanted to find out what this tape could actually do for my own sporting patients here at the Summertown Clinic, as well as providing an extra choice of support for my non- sporting patients, especially those patients who I see for knee and shoulder conditions. So this year I embarked on a course in Kinesiology Taping for the Athlete Master-Class with tutor John Gibbons BSc. I am successfully using this rehabilitative method with both sporting and non-sporting patients.

You don’t have to be an Athlete to benefit from Kinesiology Taping

For example, ‘’If I find a chronic weakness/strain in a specific muscle of the lower limb and it is a major contributing factor in a patient’s complaint of low back pain, I first apply the appropriate treatment to adjust the compensations and rehabilitate the muscle which will also include applying kinesiology tape to help heal the actual cause of the back pain and therefore prevent the whole back problem developing again’’.

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