A Do’s and Don’ts guide by Atlanta Kyte – Osteopath







DO take the time to relax and take some slow
deep breaths.  Stress is a big
contributor to back, neck and shoulder pain, not to mention spats in the ‘quiet zone’.




DO get an aisle seat and stand up and walk
around if you have lower back pain, sitting still for too long can aggravate




DO your pelvic floor exercises when sitting down




DO lift your luggage on to the overhead rack
(city stink permitting).  Don’t be afraid
to use your shoulders in their full range of movement, they spend far too much
time in a typing position.







DON’T cross your legs, it rotates your pelvis and encourages people to
sit next to you as you give them more space.




DON’T carry a heavy bag on one shoulder, get a wheelie suitcase or
decent rucksac.




DON’T stick your head forward when working at a laptop or tablet, like
a tortoise peeping out of its shell. Lift your head, tuck your chin in and
relax your shoulders.




DON’T cradle your phone in you neck while typing
on your laptop or reading a paper. You will be, sorry, you will GET a pain in
the neck.







Atlanta is a structural Osteopath with 15 years of experience. Previously she had been a Cellular Pathologist but decided she preferred a career with a little more social interaction.  One of her first jobs as an Osteopath was treating MP’s in Westminster during the 2005 elections, which is where she learnt her excellent diplomacy skills!  She treats everything from back pain, sports injuries, pregnancy related discomfort, age related aches and pains and much much more .




Please ring the reception on 01865 558561 to book an appointment with Atlanta, or book online here.


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