Joanna Ruddick

“One of the many reasons that I love my job is the uniqueness of each individual patient and unravelling the mystery of why health has been compromised and how to restore it.”

Jo Ruddick - Osteopath, Cranial Osteopath, Paediatric Osteopath

Jo qualified from the European School of Osteopathy almost 20 years ago. Since then, she has worked as an osteopath in Lincolnshire and then Wellington, New Zealand, before joining Summertown Clinic in 2005.

Jo is passionate about the power of osteopathic treatment to improve overall health and wellbeing. She uses a variety of gentle osteopathic techniques such as cranial, soft tissue work, articulations and muscle energy techniques, suitable for all ages.

‘One of the many reasons that I love my job is the uniqueness of each individual patient and unravelling the mystery of why health has been compromised and how to restore it.’

Using highly developed palpation skills, with great sensitivity and accuracy, Jo aims to understand tensions and patterns of dysfunction and then to find the health within the patient, thus stimulating the body’s own self-healing mechanism.

Practitioner Summary

  • BSc(hons) Osteopathy – 4 years full time degree course.
  • Lots of post graduate courses in cranial osteopathy and treating children, pregnancy, the face and dental and jaw problems, sinuses, headaches etc
  • Fellow of Sutherland Cranial College

Jo graduated from the ESO in 2001 and worked in Lincolnshire and Wellington, New Zealand, before joining Summertown Clinic in 2005.

Since then, Jo has completed many postgraduate courses, including the full Sutherland Cranial College of osteopathy pathway and is now a fellow at the SCCO, as well as studying biodynamics of osteopathy.

  • Babies and children
  • Pregnant ladies
  • Stressed individuals
  • People who’ve been concussed or had bad falls
  • Headaches

Jo loves treating a wide range of patients from babies to nonagenarians and beyond.

As a mother of three, including twins, Jo has a special interest in treating babies, children and pregnant women.

She has completed many postgraduate courses in pregnancy and paediatrics and has much experience in treating these patients.

Having studied cranial osteopathy extensively, Jo also has experience and enjoys treating post concussion syndrome, ear and sinus problems, post viral fatigue, headaches, migraines, and hormonal issues including the menopause, and stress and anxiety disorders.

During cranial treatment patients often experience deep relaxation. Babies can often start off screaming and by the end of the treatment are fast asleep. However everyone is different but most patients report that they find treatment relaxing and a positive experience mentally and physically.

1) What is cranial osteopathy?

Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle osteopathic technique that addresses the whole body (not just the head!). I often start at the feet where I can scan the body’s fascia for tensions and dysfunction, and end at the head. Where there is tension, I direct the body’s attention towards it and wait for a softening and often warming of the area as the tension releases.

 2) Should I do anything special after treatment?

Its recommended not to do any strenuous physical activity for 24-48 hours after treatment, to allow the treatment to work through the body and for things to settle down. It also helps to drink lots of water and think about correct posture and not staying in one position for too long – gentle movement is good.

3)Who can you treat?

Cranial treatment is so gentle that it is suitable for everyone.

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Our Osteopathic Team

We’ve got a lovely community of like-minded professionals, and our Osteopathic team are at the heart our clinic. 

Our diverse group of osteopaths offer the Oxford community one of the UK’s leading groups of osteopaths. As a group with have experience teaching the next generation of osteopaths, are fellows of distinct osteopathic groups, and have been involved with elite sports medical teams. We cover the scope of populations you might expect osteopaths to deal with from paediatrics, sports injuries, care of the elderly, to rehabilitation and antenatal care, we have an osteopath who has experience treating patients like you. 

Find out more about our practitioners by clicking on them below…

James Ruddick

Principal Osteopath

James Ruddick enjoys helping people out of pain, and back to there best. Having taught at the UCO, and been involved in elite sports he has a wide variety of experience.

Claire Cullen

Osteopath & Pilates Teacher

Claire combines her osteopathy & Pilates in her treatments. By using osteopathy to restore health & patient focused  Pilates exercises & advice to fully rehabilitate her patients.

Duncan Cameron Mitchell


Duncan has over thirty years experience.
He remains inquisitive & keeps learning. He practices a patient centred approach.

Gitte Pedersen


Gitte’s particular interest is in treating older patients & women during pregnancy & treating babies & children.
She has also taught osteopathy & worked at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.

Joel Redman


Joel is an award winning Osteopath (iO Associate of the Year in 2015) and has worked in an NHS and elite sport setting. He is currently undertaking an MSc in Sports Medicine at the ISEH (UCL).

Atlanta Kyte


Atlanta is an all rounder, she enjoys treating the elderly & pregnant ladies but is also happy treating sports injuries. She uses medical acupuncture too.

Andrew Nicholettos


Andrew has specialist interest in Sport, Exercise and Pain Medicine. He’s worked in the NHS, private sport and MSK clinics, as well as elite athletes (Golf, Rugby, Football and Athletics)

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