Andrew Nicholettos

All humans are united in their desire to lead a healthy life. Occasionally these desires are offset, modified, or completely changed by pain, injury, or illness. Regardless of your unique circumstances, I believe that your physical health will be the vehicle that will enable you to live the life you wish to lead. 

Andrew Nicholettos - Osteopathy, Sports Medicine, Strength & Conditioning

My career in healthcare began with a first class degree in Sport and Exercise Science. It was here that I developed an interest in how exercise and lifestyle interventions can be used to prevent and manage complications associated with persistent health problems including cardiovascular disease, diabetes and painful musculoskeletal conditions.

After my undergraduate degree, I completed a Master’s degree in Osteopathy at University College Osteopathy (UCO). I chose a career in Osteopathy, because its treatment philosophy placed emphasis on the person, and the promotion of health, rather than the transient suppression, or correction of disease. I graduated with Distinction and was awarded the school’s prestigious Silver Medal Award, and the RK Hardy Prize for obtaining the highest academic and clinical marks in my year group, and for research excellence respectively.

As an adjunct to my clinical training at UCO, I spent two years working with the Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy team at Kings College London, where I developed a more in depth understanding of physical rehabilitation following musculoskeletal injury, specifically individuals with anterior cruciate ligament injuries.

I amalgamated my broad interest in human health and performance with a second Master’s degree (Distinction) in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health at University College London. This course provided me with advanced knowledge of the prevention and management of acute and overuse sport and orthopedic injuries, and as well as a more in depth understanding of how exercise can be used to help manage persistent health problems.

At this point, I completed additional training in America with the prestigious Gray institute, and became one of a select number of therapists in the world to become certified in, and obtain a Fellowship in Applied Functional Science. I later returned to America, where I mentored health and fitness professionals from around the world in areas of practice including physical rehabilitation, and decision making in healthcare.

Since I qualified as an Osteopath, I have worked in NHS and private sport and musculoskeletal medicine clinics. I was one of the first Osteopaths in the country to work in an extended scope role, which is a position granted to individuals with an advanced skill set in a particular area of practice.

In the sports domain, I have worked with a number of professional and recreational elite athletes spanning British Athletics, Premiership Rugby/Football, and European Tour Golf where I have a particular passion and pedigree. Indeed, I have focused a large part of my sports medicine career combining my long standing passion for the game, with golf specific biomechanics and knowledge from world leading coaches. The outcome has been a culture of success and a paradigm shift in our understanding of how healthcare can improve the physical health of golfers – on and off of the course.

In 2018, I launched a specialist service at the Summertown Clinic called Osteopathic Exercise Therapy. This service combines traditional hands on Osteopathy with personalised exercise prescription. This service draws upon my over 15 years of academic and practical experience working with recreational and elite athletes from around the world, applying exercise in a clinical setting under the tutorage of world authorities in exercise medicine, and the latest research and practical solutions from exercise and behavioral medicine.

Throughout my career, I have developed a passion for managing non resolving conditions of the spine, shoulder and knee using a blend of traditional osteopathic hands on skills, personalised exercised based prescription, together with knowledge from diverse areas such as stress management, nutritional medicine, cognitive behavioral therapy and mindfulness based methods. These skills have made me a very suitable candidate to treat recreational and elite athletes, and members of the public alike.

Andrew’s Posts

Practitioner Summary


• Bachelor of Science (First Class Honors) in Sport and Exercise Sciences
• Master of Osteopathy with Distinction
• Master’s of Science in Sports Medicine, Exercise and Health with Distinction

 Additional qualifications

  • Nike Golf Functional Performance Specialist
  • Certificate in Applied Functional Science (CAFS)
  • Fellow of Applied Functional Science (FAFS)
  • Gray Institute Graduate Certification Programme
  • Crossfit Level 1, Crossfit Level 2, Crossfit Kids, Crossfit Mobility, Crossfit Endurance, Crossfit Gymnastics, Crossfit Weightlifting
  • Foundation in Acupuncture (British Medical Acupuncture Society)


• RK Hardy Prize for research excellence in knee orthopaedics and rehabilitation
• Silver Medal Prize for the highest academic and clinical marks in my year group at University College Osteopathy


• Nicholettos, A. (2014). The placebo and nocebo effects on peak minute power during incremental arm crank ergometry. European Journal of Sports Medicine. 14:(4), pp 362-7

• Nicholettos A, Barcellona MG, Morrissey MC. (2013).
The immediate effects of open kinetic chain knee extensor exercise at different loads on knee anterior laxity in the uninjured. Knee. 20:(6), pp 500-4.

• T Price MJ, Bottoms L, Smith PM, Nicholettos A. (2011).
The effects of an increasing versus constant crank rate on peak physiological responses during incremental arm crank ergometry. Journal of Sports Sciences. 29:(3), 263-9.

 • Nicholettos, A (2017). A movement in Golf Performance.

  • Acute and overuse injuries of the shoulder
  • Acute and overuse injuries of the Knee
  • Persistent pain/ non-resolving conditions of the spine
  • Physical rehabilitation following injury
  • Exercise therapy/ prescription for medical conditions including, persistent pain, weight loss, diabetes and heart disease

 In addition to the 4 years that are required to become an osteopath, I have completed 7 years of training in sports medicine, clinical exercise prescription, strength and conditioning, and functional exercise.

 I have also worked as an extended scope practitioner where I developed an expertise on managing ‘hidden’ and non-resolving pain conditions.

 I have lectured nationally and internationally on pain management, and have mentored students from around the world on physical rehabilitation and injury prevention.

Treatment always involves a combination of hands on treatment, with personalized exercises based solutions. I am always happy for patients to contact me if they have any queries, questions and or concerns. 

What Clinical Standards Has Andy Worked To?

I have worked to a standard of practice that is equivalent to a Band 8 level practitioner in sport and musculoskeletal medicine.

I was one of the first Osteopaths in the country to acquire the role of an extended scope practitioner, which is a role given to practitioners with a superior skill set and level of expertise in a particular area of practice. My extended scope was working with individuals with persistent pain.

I have lectured around the world on the application of neuroscience to Physical Therapy practice.

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Our Osteopathic Team

We've got a lovely community of like-minded professionals, and our Osteopathic team are at the heart our clinic.

Our diverse group of osteopaths offer the Oxford community one of the UK's leading groups of osteopaths. As a group with have experience teaching the next generation of osteopaths, are fellows of distinct osteopathic groups, and have been involved with elite sports medical teams. We cover the scope of populations you might expect osteopaths to deal with from paediatrics, sports injuries, care of the elderly, to rehabilitation and antenatal care, we have an osteopath who has experience treating patients like you.

James Ruddick

Principal Osteopath

James Ruddick enjoys helping people out of pain, and back to optimum health. Having taught at the UCO, and been involved in elite sports he has a wide variety of experience.

Joanna Ruddick

Principal Osteopath

Jo has lots of experience treating babies, children & pregnant women. She is a fellow of the SCCO and uses cranial & other gentle & effective techniques to restore health & rebalance the body.

Claire Cullen

Osteopath & Pilates Teacher

Claire combines her osteopathy & Pilates training in her treatments. By using osteopathy to restore health & patient focused  Pilates exercises & advice to fully rehabilitate her patients.

Duncan Cameron Mitchell


Duncan has over thirty years experience.
He remains inquisitive & keeps learning. He practices a patient centred approach.

Gitte Pedersen


Gitte's particular interest is in treating older patients & women during pregnancy & treating babies & children.
She has also taught osteopathy & worked at the Osteopathic Centre for Children.

Joel Redman


Joel is an award winning Osteopath (iO Associate of the Year in 2015) and has worked in an NHS and elite sport setting. He is currently undertaking an MSc in Sports Medicine at the ISEH (UCL).

Atlanta Kyte


Atlanta is an all rounder, she enjoys treating the elderly & pregnant ladies but is also happy treating sports injuries. She uses medical acupuncture too.

Andrew Nicholettos


Andy has additional qualifications and clinical expertise in Strength & Conditioning and Sports Medicine practice. He uses a blend of hands on techniques with personalised exercise prescription.

Andrew’s treatments are often covered by the UK’s best health insurers! Please check your policy before booking an appointment.