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Muscle Energy Techinque Course - Summertown Clinic

On this course, with tutor John Gibbons BSc., held at the McTimoney Chiropractic College, I learned how to identify specific soft tissue dysfunction and weakness within the musculo-skeletal framework and perform a variety of MET techniques that help restore function.  I found John’s approach to assessing the body was invaluable as it re-enforced the importance of always checking the body globally and holistically to treat the cause of symptoms. I am successfully integrating his MET techniques with my own McTimoney approach.

For example:
As a McTimoney Chiropractor we always check the pelvis as part of our holistic approach as it is the ‘foundation’ for everything that connects to this part of the body. It was therefore of great interest to learn about the muscle technique for checking the firing patterns of the gluteus maximus (g-max) during assessment of position and movement of the pelvis and then how to activate it if it tested weak.  The g-max plays an important role in stabilization of the pelvis and the sacro-iliac joint (SIJ,) during the gait cycle, and if not firing correctly can be a contributing factor for compensation in the opposite side of the back in the latissimus and eventually the shoulder on that same side, where the upper trapezius resists the tension. The end result is pain in the upper shoulder on the opposite side of the weekend g-max.

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