At Summertown Clinic your safety is always of paramount importance to us providing the best care for you.

In the current COVID-19 crisis we are back to face to face, following Public Health England’s (PHE) guidance, and our own regulator and professional bodies advice.

We are doing the following things to keep you safe:

1) Triage, and self assessment phone call from your practitioner before you arrive. This will establish whether a face to face (hands on) treatment is required, and you’re in agreement with the possible risks associated with venturing out doors and attending the clinic. Other possible treatment options may be offered to you including telehealth (Online consultations).

2) New Infection Control Procedures – we’ve done an indepth risk assessment and created a COVID-19 safeguarding policy in line with what frontline NHS staff are required to do. This includes;

  • leaving doors open
  • removing any items that might encourage contact (the reception area is closed, patients now go straight through to the room their practitioner is in)
  • no payments are taken at the appointment, instead you’ll be sent an invoice through email, or can pay over the phone.
  • we’re asking all patients to come in by themselves to decrease the contact risk (please ring if you would like a chaperone)
  • we’ve installed a hand sanitiser on the wall before you come in so all patients are encouraged to wash their hands
  • we’re disinfecting the rooms between appointments (leaving 15 minutes between patients to achieve this)
  • all our practitioners are wearing PPE in accordance with the PHE guidelines, namely; Type IIR fluid resistant masks, aprons, and gloves. We have face shields, and glasses if we think this is necessary.
  • All our practitioners are undergoing training in putting PPE on and off, and our new infection control procedures.
  • Our reception staff are back and answering the phones. We’ve set up a virtual receptionist on the desk (an ipad) to help if people need assistance.
  • Staggering our appointments to avoid patients meeting each other – often 5 minutes apart – so please be punctual.

3) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) – we’re following PHE guidance (as above), and we’re asking all patients to cover their face in and around the clinic with a scarf or face covering, or we can supply a mask for £1.

4) A One Way System Through The Clinic – we’ve organised a system of people flow through the clinic to help keep distancing. Your practitioner will explain this when you arrive.

With all this going on the patient experience is still really important to us, and underneath the PPE, and the new systems are the same great practitioners, offering the same great level of service as before, so somethings won’t change!

Last Updated: 11th July 2020.


For Treatment Criteria and Eligibility please go to this page

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