We’re always receiving great feedback from our patients, and although we have some testimonials, it may take time to gather these, so please be patient.

Here are a couple for Jacquelyn:

“Jacquelyn’s results providing osteopathic treatment were extremely outstanding. Jacquelyn was originally recommended by a client of mine to get in contact with. I am so glad I did. If any of my clients had a problem I would recommended them to go and see Jacquelyn. She treated many of my clients and was able to get them back to training. Jacquelyn provided me with areas to improve a clients issue’s. Jacquelyn and I would often have long discussions across a wide range of topics, sharing experiences and together we created a brilliant rapport. I learned so much from her. I have worked with a couple of Osteopaths in the past and to say the least, Jacquelyn was in another league. I was so unhappy that she moved away as people who are this good do not come by very often. I would whole heartedly say do not hesitate to work with or be treated by Jacquelyn.” Ian Willows, Strength & Conditioning Coach, Lincolnshire,  November 29, 2011


“Jacquelyn taught me pilates for a number of years, both in a class and 1:1, while she was studying osteopathy. Her in-depth knowledge, sheer enthusiasm and complete passion for pilates and full mobility ensured that I understood the exercises and most importantly what we were trying to achieve and why. I initally went to her class as I had a car accident which still caused me some difficulties, though Jacquelyn’s focus, commitment, care and attention I’m 1,000 times better for which I will always be hugely greatful. Her creative explainations and use of small equipment enhanced the matwork sessions to a level I’ve found very hard to equal in other pilates classes and teachers. Our weekly session where often my favourite hour of the week!  She’s left me with a passion, a good understanding and a commitment for pilates. If you are fortunate enough to be able to go to a class or have a 1:1 session with Jacquelyn you will learn a huge amount and your body will certainly thank you for it!” Clare Lovett, MCIPR,  January 1, 2011



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