Sue Beynon

“My experience working in the NHS and in private practice has meant that I can treat a wide range of foot problems. I particularly enjoy using new treatment modalities to help problems like verrucas.”

Photo of Sue Beynon summertown Clinic's podiatrist at work

Sue Beynon - Podiatrist

Sue completed her training at Southampton University and qualified as a podiatrist in 2006, having worked at Oxford University Press for 25 years.  She enjoys reducing or alleviating people’s foot pain and discomfort, enabling them to keep active on their feet and thus improving their quality of life.

“After qualifying I started working part-time in the NHS and part-time in the private sector.  The NHS gave me experience of treating people with diabetes and other medical conditions resulting in them having ‘high risk’ and/or ulcerated feet.  Private practice has given me additional experience of the foot problems experienced by the more general population.

During my degree course I worked on placements in various clinics, and when in the NHS I worked in various clinics within GP surgeries.  Continuing Professional Development is important within podiatry and I attend conferences on a regular basis.  I have also had refresher courses to update my knowledge in routine areas and have undergone extra training in new treatment modalities such as Swift, which uses microwaves to treat verrucae.”

Practitioner Summary

  • BSc(Hons) in Podiatry
  • Member of the College of Podiatry
  • Health and Care Professions Council registered
  • Practising since 2006

I particular like treating:

  • Corns,
  • Calluses
  • Ingrowing toenails
  • Toenail cutting
  • Simple biomechanics (dropped arches etc.)
  • Verrucas

But I’m always happy seeing anyone with any foot problems.

Your first appointment involves checking circulation and sensation, and taking a medical history.  Treatment also takes place as needed; nails cut, callus debrided, corns enucleated, pressure points offloaded, feet assessed for insoles. 

I give advice on treatment options for fungal infections (skin or nails), general foot care, and suitable footwear. 

  • Can you remove my corn and will it come back?
    Yes, I can remove a corn but preventing it from coming back depends on the cause of the pressure which has resulted in the corn.  I can advise you on this, and if you are wearing shoes that are too tight I will tell you!
  • How can I stop my heels from becoming dry and cracked?
    I can remove callus that has built up.  Filing and good quality foot cream are necessary to prevent further occurrence.
  • Can you get rid of this fungus on my nails?
    No, but I can advise you on treatment options that you may be able to use yourself.
  • Can you get rid of this verruca?
    No, your own immune system has to get rid of it for you.  I can advise on suitable treatment options though.

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