Sophie Bower

“As soon as I qualified as a masseur [2006] I could see the impact of stress and lifestyle on injury recovery and wellbeing, which increased my appetite to learn more. I aim for all my patients to feel cared for and to have an action plan going forward.”

Sophie Bower - Massage Therapist

After a career in publishing Sophie retrained in London in 2006. She initially trained with the renowned Clare Maxwell-Hudson and then went on to train in Sports Injuries at St Thomas’s Hospital in London. At that time family and friends were pregnant so she went on to study that along with a Postnatal diploma to aid with their recovery. In London particularly, she noticed a need for a quick stress-buster that could also aid headaches and eye strains so she embarked on an Indian Head Massage diploma.

She soon realised that muscles don’t always respond to deep work so she trained in Emmett Technique which uses light pressure on specific points to ease connective tissue and improve movement.

Sophie’s treatments combine all that she has learnt and will continue to learn to give a truly bespoke treatment. No one treatment is ever the same, as she reads the needs of the body on the day along with communicating with the client on their requirements.

Sophie’s Posts

Practitioner Summary

2006 – ITEC Holistic Massage
2007 – BTEC APNT Sports Injuries Massage
2009 – APNT Pregnancy Massage
2011 – APNT Postnatal Massage
2012 – Indian Head Massage
2014 – onwards Emmett training

Various ongoing short courses for professional development.

Sophie has worked with clinics in London and Oxford since retraining in 2006. 

Sophie keeps up-to-date with all the latest findings and adapts her treatments accordingly. She is particularly keen to help with difficult pregnancies and relieve chronic injuries. She knows stress takes its toll on the body systems and she takes a holistic approach to aid the client in the long-term.

She works with many common injuries but through communication with the client she can truly understand how the injury occurred and how best to treat the client going forward. The body reveals a lot but it is also about the mind/body connection which she takes a keen interest in.

At the start of the treatment we will discuss your needs and why you have come. If it is a follow up we will discuss how you felt after the previous treatment and how things are on the day, as well as anything relevant in the meantime. I will discuss if there is anything causing/contributing to the reason you are seeing me and suggest some changes to help you long-term.

It may be necessary to do a postural assessment and exercises or stretches during or after the treatment. I will suggest some stretches to do at home if required.

Each treatment will be tailored to your specific needs on the day.

Different techniques are applied to get the best out of each treatment.

i) How early should arrive?

Please arrive at least ten minutes before your first appointment to fill in a consultation form. Please arrive promptly thereafter to ensure you have your full allotted treatment time.

ii) What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable and practical underwear in case of stretches and exercises. If you feel the cold after treatments please bring extra layers.

iii) What should I expect after the treatment?:

Occasionally after a treatment you may feel a little soreness, especially if you haven’t had a treatment for a while. I give home care advice to reduce any discomfort felt after a treatment, although you can often feel fine after the treatment. I cool the muscles down at the end of the treatment to aid recovery from releasing muscle tension.

iv) Can I have a Pregnancy Massage in my first trimester?

Yes, I am fully insured and trained to work from week 1 onwards of pregnancy and from week 1 postnatally. Massage can really help in the first trimester to ease any nausea and tiredness, as well as any muscle tension. Postnatally I can work with you no matter what delivery you have had to help your body recover and help reduce symptoms of Mastitis.

v) How often should I have a treatment?

Each person is different and it depends on why you are having the treatment. As a general rule for maintenance purposes a treatment once a month to six weeks is good but if you have an injury, chronic illness, pregnant or suffering from stress you can have them as often as you like. Many people find it a huge benefit to have some treatments close together and then spread them out at a later stage. Others come regularly (once a week or fortnightly). We can discuss what’s best for you at the end of each session.

Goodbye Tension

"Brilliant. Sophie Bower really got to the problem and I felt a lot of release in areas I didn't even know there was tension! Thanks" Patient: R...

Our Team of Massage Therapists:

All our masseurs are experienced and have skills that complement each other. No matter what intensity of massage you're looking for we can help. From the lighter touch of aromatherapy, to the more heavy duty elbow work of deep tissue massage, there's something for everyone. (note we are still awaiting details from Claire Cecil and Kate Layton)

Kate Layton

Kate Layton

Sports Massage Therapist

Kate has been qualified in Sports and Remedial Massage under licence of the London School of Sports Massage since 2007.  Mel Cash is the principal of the school and is famous for his pioneering work in the field.

Sophia Argyris

Sophia Argyris

Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

Sophia qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in 2011, & a Thai Yoga Massage therapist in 2014. She is dedicated and passionate, and continues to study deeply in both of these disciplines.

Fiona Garratt

Fiona Garratt

Aromatherapist & Massage Therapist

Fiona is an award winning Aromatherapist, and massage therapist, who qualified in Clinical Aromatherapy in 2001.

Audri Saachy

Audri Saachy

Clinical Massage Therapist

Audri has a passion for helping client with chronic pain using massage and movement to promote the body's healing.
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