Kate Layton

“As an active sports woman I know the value of a good strong massage which  my clients find helpful in keeping them active.”

Kate Layton - Sports Masseur and Pilates Instructor

Kate has over 30 years experience working in the Fitness Industry.  An initial love of Aerobics turned a hobby into a full time career.  As well as an understanding of injury to soft tissue she is a Fully Certified Stott Pilates instructor splitting her working week between teaching and treating a variety of injuries and rehabilitating various conditions from MS and Parkinsons Disease to athletes with running and cycling issues.

She also treats the elder population after studying this population whilst at the London YMCA 25 year ago. She runs her own specialist class for exercise for the older person with seated chair Pilates.

Practitioner Summary

Kate has worked at various sporting events including the London to Brighton Bike ride.

She has treated elite Sprinters at International and Olympic level. 

Kate also spends her time working within Bupa homes treating elderly with mobility issues.  She has a very wide range of experience within the population.

Institute Of Sport and Remedial Massage – 

Stott pilates – Full Cert – from Matwork to Reformer and Cadillac.

Personal Training Diploma – London YMCA.

Kate is also qualified to teach the following: 

– Exercise to Music
– Bodypump
– Indoor cycling
– Aqua aerobics
– Zumba
– Bodybalance
– Reebok Flexible Strengh (yoga based). 

Kate is a keen sports person and has followed her heart as she has worked with patients in her capacity as a personal trainer, massage therapist, and Pilates instructor. She’s passionate about helping her patients achieve their goals, treating weekend warriors, and elite athletes a like. 

Kate has also been an instructor for group classes teaching exercise to music, bodypump and body balance classes to name a few. 

At your first appointment, Kate will run through a brief case history to make sure the treatment will be appropriate for you and to help ensure you get the most out of your appointment. After confirming the type of treatment and area she will be working on, you will be asked to undress possibly down to your underwear (though we can work through clothes as necessary). Kate often uses oil, so please let us know if you have any allergies. At the end of the massage there is often a little time to discuss possible exercises and 

Different techniques are applied to get the best out of each treatment.

i) How early should arrive?

Please arrive a few minutes before your first appointment to fill in a consultation form. Please arrive promptly thereafter to ensure you have your full treatment time.

ii) What should I wear?

Please wear comfortable and practical underwear in case of stretches and exercises. If you feel the cold after treatments please bring extra layers.

iii) What should I expect after the treatment?:

Occasionally after a treatment you may feel a little soreness, especially if you haven’t had a treatment for a while. I give home care advice to reduce any discomfort felt after a treatment, although you can often feel fine after the treatment. I cool the muscles down at the end of the treatment to aid recovery from releasing muscle tension. 

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Kate Layton

Kate Layton

Sports Massage Therapist

Kate has been qualified in Sports and Remedial Massage under licence of the London School of Sports Massage since 2007.  Mel Cash is the principal of the school and is famous for his pioneering work in the field.

Sophia Argyris

Sophia Argyris

Thai Yoga Massage Therapist

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Fiona Garratt

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Audri Schaay

Clinical Massage Therapist

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