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“I’ll do everything I can to support and empower you in your recovery. My aim is not only to get you feeling better, but to also give you the skills to help yourself.”

Cara Joseph - Chiropractor @Summertown Clinic
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Cara Joseph - Chiropractor

Cara has always had an interest in the human body and the capabilities of it. At a young age, she was a keen athlete; competing regularly in 100 and 200m sprints, and she also studied sports sciences at school.

Cara worked for many years in the Neurosciences Department in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, as a Personal Assistant and Clinical Co-ordinator to both Paediatric and Adult Neurosurgeons. Here she learnt more about the human body through her surroundings and was often invited into the operating theatres to observe various brain and spinal surgeries. These experiences sparked her keen interest in Clinical Neurology. It was while working there that Cara hurt her own back as a result of poor desk-based posture, and as a result she sought Chiropractic assistance. She was astonished by the treatment she received, and her subsequent pain-free state, and it inspired her to want to help others in the way that Chiropractic had helped her. She soon changed her career path and went on to study an Integrated Masters – 5-year program, at McTimoney College of Chiropractic.

Once she had graduated, Cara went on to work as an associate Doctor of Chiropractic at Halsa, Maidenhead. While at one of the company seminars, Cara was introduced to a technique called Advanced Biostructural Correction. In her quest to learn more about it, she moved to London to study it in more depth while working at a prestigious clinic there using the technique. As she advanced in her training, she was using it on more and more patients, and she was blown away by the results. This technique was reliably and predictably fixing problems within the human body and giving people a new lease of life.

Cara moved back to her hometown of Oxford because she wanted to be able to provide her local community and beyond with the same opportunity that her patients in London had; that of receiving personalised health solutions, and the opportunity to live a fruitful life.

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Practitioner Summary

Training and Continued Professional Development:

  • Master’s in Chiropractic (MChiro) – McTimoney College of Chiropractic – 2019.

  • Level 3 Sports Massage – Proactive Training – 2015

  • Soft Tissue Release – Jim O’Dell and Mary Sanderson – London School of Sports Massage – 2015

  • Royal College of Chiropractors PRT Programme – 2021 – Now a licentiate member of the RCC.

  • Member of Advanced Bio-structural Correction Europe – 2020

  • ICAK – International College of Applied Kinesiology – 2022

  • Academy of Chiropractic Nutrition – 2021

Experience and Awards:

  • Locum Doctor of Chiropractic & ABC Specialist – Posture Right Chiropractors

  • Doctor of Chiropractic and Advanced Biostructural correction specialist – SpineCentral

  • Clinical Contact Caseworker (Band 6) – NHS Professionals (Temp during lockdown)

  • Associate Chiropractor – Halsa Care Group (Ended due to lockdown as a result of Covid-19)

  • Postural and Structural Correctional issues are what I specialise in dealing with since training in Advanced Biostructural Correction, as poor posture has now become epidemic because many people under-estimate the impact that it has on their overall health and well-being.

    The main causes of most people’s pain are often either a result of a micro (small) or macro (large) traumatic nature. Macro traumas encompass things like car accidents, falls, lifting heavy objects sporting injuries etc, while micro traumas are caused by performing a repetitive activity over a prolonged time period. These activities may include; wearing ill-fitting shoes, occupational activities, poor ergonomics and posture, lack of exercise, TOO much exercise, age and being overweight… or all of the above.. As a result of these events which we all experience, the vertebral bones move out of alignment. As the muscles cannot self-correct the bones, the body ends up collapsing and slumping forward, resulting in poor posture. This forward collapse puts stress and strain on the bones, joints, surrounding muscles, tendons, ligaments and organs too, as these structures try to stabilise the spine and keep the body upright. This compensation then results in body signals/ pain.

When we meet, you’ll be well listened to and the full history of your pain/problem will be explored. We’ll also chat through your general medical health, and other factors such as sleep, exercise and stress levels, which helps establish a picture of your overall health and guides the sort of treatment that will likely help you.

You’ll be examined thoroughly. This involves assessing your posture and movements. We will carry out an assessment of your nerve function if necessary, and use tests known as orthopaedic tests to see if certain positions and movements provoke pain. If at this stage an XRay or MRI is needed I am able to make a direct referral.

ABC is a technique that uses slower, long lever manipulations to correct bone alignment and fix posture. The focus of the technique is to adjust the body in the areas where it cannot correct itself. We do this by examining the spine and narrowing down the precise points of mechanical stress and using ABC to release it. As treatment progresses, your body will begin to unwind; a temporary state of unlocking of the body and erasing old injuries and compensations.

In addition, I will give advice on how to sit sleep and stand, in terms of shoes, seats, pillows and mattresses so you can best support your structural correction. I also will give aftercare advice too in terms of exercise and lifestyle where required.

Who can have Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is safe and can benefit people of all ages. Your Chiropractor will use the best technique to treat you, based on your individual circumstances.

Will it hurt?

Our treatment methods are generally gentle and completely pain-free. Some people may notice mild soreness after treatment after the first couple of sessions as a result of the body beginning to change. This will normally disperse within the first 24- 48 hours. We will give you after care advice after your treatment session.

Do I need an x-ray?

X-rays are only discussed when deemed clinically necessary. If after examining you your Chiropractor believes that you need further imaging to confirm a diagnosis or assist your treatment plan, they will discuss this with you at your initial consultation and then make the appropriate referral.

If you have had previous imaging done, please let your Chiropractor know and bring this with you to your appointment as is could be very useful when assessing your case.

What is unwinding?

Unwinding is a temporary state of unlocking the body and erasing old injuries that your body has experienced and getting rid of the compensations that it has accumulated as a result. In the initial phases of correction, your body will try to revert into compensation as it has been in that state for many years. As your body gets rid of these old compensations through structural correction, it is likely that your body will re-experience old symptoms as they are re-exposed and corrected. This is a good sign as this is an indication that your body is on its way to true healing. Once the body has started to heal, we then take it through stages of correction and then stabilisation. Addressing your body in this way will allow you to regain the pain-free, healthy and functional body that you used to have.

Can pregnant women receive Chiropractic care?

Pregnancy is an exciting time for any expectant mother, but this time can also bring great change to the body. Many women experience pain due to the increasing pressure on the body as the baby grows.

The mothers’ ligaments will soften during pregnancy to allow the body to adapt to and sustain the growth of the baby. This can cause increased movement in the body’s joints and in the pelvis and can result in pain and discomfort in the lower back and around the pelvic girdle.

Chiropractors spend a long time in the training, understanding the bio-mechanics of the body, including the bodies of pregnant women, so that we can establish pelvic balance and alignment during pregnancy, to help the expectant mother have a more comfortable pregnancy. We can also use techniques that avoid unneeded pressure on the abdomen.

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