“Hearing is such an important sense, often you only grasp how important when there’s a problem, and the world around you becomes almost impossible to navigate.”

Having regular hearing tests is as vital as seeing the dentist or optician, and Sam recommends tests at least every 5 years, and every 2 if you’re over 60. This is because early detection can help her provide you with the right strategies to ensure you can hear clearly and slow down the processes that are leading to your hearing loss. 

Audiology for you…

The ability to hear is crucial to being able to experience life fully, and an audiologist is can help you listen clearly

Sam Godkin founded Summertown Audiology based in our clinic in 2022, having been an Audiologist and Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser (RHAD) for over 29 years! We are delighted she can offer our community such a valuable service as diagnosing and treating a range of hearing conditions, through a variety of highly sensitive hearing tests, hearing aid fitting, and ear wax removal.

What is Audiology?

Audiology is the study of hearing, balance and ear related disorders. By testing an audiologist looks to create strategies to prevent hearing loss, or treat it using hearing aids. 

Who can benefit from it?

While over 16% of the population has significant hearing loss, our Audiologist tends generally to see older patients, but having a hearing test can be important occupationally, and ear wax can be a problem for the young.  

If you’ve got hearing difficulties, tinnatus or would like to have your hearing tested – Sam can help you. 

What research is there?

There is a substantial amount of research to support audiology and the various treatments and interventions that audiologists use to help people with hearing loss and other hearing-related issues.

Research is ongoing within audiology, and is widely considered to be safe and effective, including being used in the NHS.

Why us?

Sam has almost 3 decades of experience and is passionate about helping her patients. She’s currently finishing her Masters in Audiology, though qualified in 1994, and is a tinnitus pracititoner, and ear wax removal specialst, having worked in both Private and NHS clinics.


Audiology at Summertown Clinic

Services offered… 

Ear Wax Removal

If Ear Wax is not causing any problems, it is best left alone. The ear is self-cleaning and the wax should clear naturally, so it is unnecessary to try to remove the wax yourself.  As the old adage says ‘nothing smaller than your elbow should go in your ear!”

However, earwax may build up, particularly if it is very dry or if the person has narrow or hairy ear canals. Wax may also build up if it has been pushed down the canal by cotton buds, hearing aids, hair clips, or other implements. This can irritate the ear canal or strip it of its natural oils and causing it to feel itchy. When water gets into the ear during swimming or showering this may cause the wax to expand, this ‘blockage’ in the ear can give or increase the perception of tinnitus. This is usually resolved by removing the wax.

If the wax build-up is causing deafness, problems with hearing aids, or is uncomfortable, it may need to be removed.

At Summertown Audiology we can assess and remove the wax safely using Microsuction.  To find out more about this process contact us or to book an appointment call 01865 558561 or click here to book online.

Hearing Tests

We believe that hearing health care should be as important as eye and dental care.  Regular check ups are important as with many things, having a health check and being proactive can benefit us all long term.  Communication is the foundation of human interaction and so ‘To listen, you must first hear’.

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Hearing Aids; Fittings  

Summertown Audiology has invested in the latest testing equipment and software and is always at the forefront of hearing aid technology and research on hearing care.

We are not tied to any one supplier and are truly independent so our advice is bespoke and tailored to the individual patient’s needs. We can source hearing aids for the world’s leading manufacturers of hearing instruments.

This includes, but is not limited to, GNResound, Phonak, Starkey and Widex. All of whom Samantha has worked with for over 30 years.

Treatment Pricing

Treatment prices are available on the Summertown Audiology website:


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